Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the amazing shinichimegum123 from When Curiosity Killed The Cat and by susannevalenti (check out their blogs…they are awesome people!). Thank you both so much!


Below are the guidelines for this award:

1) Select 15 other blogs you want to give this award to: Don’t nominate yourself or the people who nominated you!

2) Write a post to show off your award: Tell us why you started blogging and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. List who nominated you in your post. Make sure to attach the award yourself.

3) Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night.

Why I started blogging?

I am an aspiring writer with an unhealthy obsession with reading, and I have always wanted to create a blog where I could share my passion with like-minded people. Sorry if I couldn’t give a more original answer, but that’s the truth!

Advice to newbies

Well, I am a newbie myself–my blog isn’t even a month old yet–so I’m not sure if I’m qualified to give an advice, but I’ll try anyway.

  1. Be yourself: I know that’s the biggest cliché ever but you cannot be good at something if you are not dedicated to it, and I doubt you can be dedicated unless you are being yourself and doing what you love.
  2. Presentation: I think us newbies experience this thing called blogger envy where we stumble upon a blog and go “OMG that is so pretty!” There’s no denying how first impressions are, so before you start posting set up your blog and design it the way it would suit you and reflect you.
  3. Be Patient: this is an advice I am taking myself and it is working. When you are blogging your opening yourself to a wide range of people who have been doing this same thing for a long time. SO have patience with yourself–it takes time to get noticed. Accept it.
  4. Post frequently: I would recommend not to post every day–a two-three days break between each post is what I would recommend. Not only would it let you have time to get refreshed but your views and followers are likely to increase if you post frequently too.
  6. Don’t follow people so that they follow you back: personally I never follow someone who has followed me unless that person has something that I want to read, and I would appreciate it more if people followed my blog because they like the posts I spent so much time and hard work on.

That’s pretty much it and I hope I’ve been helpful. I now nominate the following people for this award:

  1. Infinitebookreviews
  2. Don’t Miss This Book
  3. If You’ve Lost Your Faith In Love And Music The End Won’t Be Long
  4. Becca And Books
  5. Student By Day, Reader By Night
  6. AlishasBookReviews
  7. A Million Books And Too Much Coffee
  8. booklovingshannon
  9. Celia Fitzgerald
  10. Ellisnelson
  11. Trey Schnarr Books
  12. The Bibiliomaniac Book Blog
  13. Kelsey Reads
  14. Tris’ Nook
  15. From The Laundry Room

I am really sorry if I nominated someone who has already been nominated! And thanks again to When Curiosity Killed The Cat and susannevalenti for nominating me. Much love!


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