The Infinite Playlist: Songs For Favorite OTPs (6th September 2015)


Credits for the banner goes to my 13-year-old sister Tinath Zaeba.

Ever had that moment when you are listening to a song and it reminds of your favorite book? I have had plenty of those so I wanted to make a monthly meme/tag thingy on my blog. This is not an official tag so you don’t really have to do it (although there is a Playlist Book Tag and I think another similar one that Bea from When Curiosity Killed The Cat told me about…I can’t remember the exact name unfortunately) but I would love it if you guys do this too!

 Since I don’t have the time to do the original Playlist Book Tag, and because I wanted to do my own meme, I’m just going to compile a list of songs that reminds me of my favorite OTPs.

Shatter Me Series {Juliette + Warner}

BTSK (Ms MR), Wonder Wall (Oasis), Until it hurts (Francesca Hall)

The Mortal Instruments {Jace + Clary}

Clarity (Zedd ft Foxxes), Untouchable (Taylor Swift), Hanging by a moment (Lifehouse)

The Selection {Maxon + America}

Outside (Calvin Harris ft Elli Goulding), Power of Love (Grabrielle Aplin).

The Grisha Triology {Darkling + Alina}

Haunted (Beyoncé), All I need (Within Temptation), Piano in the Dark (I-forgot-who-it-is :p)

The Lunar Chronicles {Cinder + Kai}

Supergirl (Anna Naklab)

Tandem {Sasha + Thomas}

Armor (Landon Austin)

The Caster Chronicles {Ethan + Lena}

Run (Leona Lewis)

Percy Jackson {Percy + Annabeth}

Angel with a Shotgun (The Cab)

Hush Hush {Patch and Nora}

Find a Way (Safety Suit)

The Lux Series {Damon + Kat}

We Radiate (The Goldfrapps)

Well. That’s my playlist. I nominate the following people to do this:

When Curiosity Killed The Cat

The Lit Mermaid

Shenanigans, Adventures and Heartbreaks


Caroline Peckham

A Million Books And Too Much Coffee


Go ahead. Post your favorite OTP playlist and let me know what you think!


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