It’s Eid-ul-Azha Tomorrow!

Hello everyone! This is a completely non-bookish post (hence why it is in the Stray Thoughts) but I wanted to share this with you guys anyway since tomorrow is a very exciting day for me. Eid-ul-Azha marks the anniversary of a very special day in Islamic history (in fact, this event is also recognized by Christianity…I’m not so sure about Judaism) but for me, the highlight of this day is the happiness it brings to those below the poverty line–on this day, those who can afford it are required to sacrifice a herbivore and donate a minimum of one-third of it’s meat to charity–if you can afford to do more, then it is recommended that you do more for the poor. And really, there is something very uplifting and also humbling about seeing the excitement and happiness this day brings to these particular people.

On a less serious note and a more personal note, Eid is another opportunity of gaining extra weight in my family. My mom, who is an excellent cook, loves making us fat and so this is what Eid usually brings to our dining table.

I’m obviously not going to be getting rid of the 10 pounds I’ve been wanting to lose this month.

Oooh and also, my sister just came home with mehdi (heena tattoo) on her hands!




I know that’s a lot heena tattoo images but I’m just excited to see if it comes out a rich ruby red tomorrow morning when she washes off the green paste.

Anyways, Muslim or not, believer or not, I want to wish every one of my followers lots and lots of love and good wishes tomorrow and on the days to come. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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