Coming Soon: Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira

Hello everyone! After a lot of internal debating I have finally managed to do some organizing and came up with a posting schedule (which you can see at the bottom of my blog) to help me decide what to post and when. I have decided to finally start an original weekly feature

on Bookish Freaks called Other Bookish Stuff, where every Sunday, I talk about non-review book related things such as book-to-film or book-to-tv series adaptations, book trailers, author interviews, upcoming releases, listopias (because I love making lists) and everything bookish.

This Sunday, I want to talk about a new book being released this week–Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira.

Bookishly Ever After Release

Before I start, I have an honest question to ask: who among you bookish people have said this at least once in your life?

“Too bad real boyfriends aren’t as awesome as book boyfriends.”


Isabel Bandeira’s debut novel Bookishly Ever After features a character that I believe everyone of us will be able to relate–a bookworm girl with a long list of swoon-worthy book boyfriends. The story starts when she starts falling in love with a boy who isn’t fictional, and being the bookworm she is, our MC Phoebe turns to her favorite books to win her crush.

I am super excited for to start this book!Not only does it have an interesting concept but the reviews are amazing. It certainly sounds like a light, fluffy, entertaining read–one that I have no doubt I’m going to enjoy, especially after reading this quote:

“…there was Lexie again…staring at Dev like he was an [ARC] of the last book in a series.”


Besides the obvious though, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read more diverse books and apparently there is a lot of diversity in this novel. Our protagonist’s love interest is Indian, and there’s also an LGBT couple (admittedly LGBT is not really my thing but once again I appreciate the diversity).

The writing too seems really promising. I have been looking up quotes to get a feel for the book and so far I like what I have seen. There’s this one particular quote that seriously touched my heart.

“I’m supposed to push a loose strand of hair out of your face, then let my hand linger on your cheek, or isn’t that how, like, every other kissing scene in those books you read goes?” He gently tucked that piece of hair behind my ear and let his fingers slide down to tilt my chin up until my eyes met his. “Well?”



Only two more days until this book is released! Get in line, bookworms. I have a feeling we’re gonna love this book.



For more Bookishly Ever After quotes, click here.


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