Sneak Peeks: Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira

Bookishly Ever After Release



Sneak Peek into Isabel Bandeira’s debut novel

Bookishly Ever After

(may contain spoilers)


“I’m supposed to push a loose strand of hair out of your face, then let my hand linger on your cheek, or isn’t that how, like, every other kissing scene in those books you read goes?” He gently tucked that piece of hair behind my ear and let his fingers slide down to tilt my chin up until my eyes met his. “Well?”

“Too bad real boyfriends aren’t as awesome as book boyfriends.”


“Before all this, my life was perfect. I had my book boyfriends and it was enough for me to read and dream about these guys because they weren’t real. I’m so scared I can’t go back to that. I’m afraid that maybe reality ruined me for fiction.”


“…there was Lexie again…staring at Dev like he was an [ARC] of the last book in a series.”


“I loved new books. The crisp pages, the smell, and the sense of potential as I carefully broke in the spine made getting them one of the best feelings in the world.”


The End

Release Date:

January 12th, 2016

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