Ten Bookish Facts About Yours Truly


Hi guys! I am a day late with my Top Ten Tuesday post, a weekly meme hosted by the bookish masterminds at The Broke and The Bookish. I am really excited for this week’s topic, which is about ten facts about yourself–could be bookish, could be personal-ish, could be blogger-ish–cause I think this will really help get the bookish community to get to know each other more. Here’s ten bookish facts about me:

1. I always read the endings first

Yes. Yes, I do. I am not a huge fan of spoilers but when it comes to books I just have to read that very last line before I even read the first line of the book.

And I can totally imagine your reaction to this.


Believe it or not, it doesn’t really ruin the surprise. For me, a good ending can make the difference between three stars and four stars for a book, and I am not sure why but I always feel more interested in the book once I have read the ending. I guess I am different that way.


2. Twilight was my first Young Adult book that wasn’t a classic

Before I was 12, the only Young Adult I read were classics. So when I picked up Twilight, it wasn’t just my first YA Vampire story but also my first  YA Romance and…well…you know what books like do to young, impressionable minds.


3. English isn’t my first language, but it’s still the language of most of the books I read

Which is why I have decided to read more Bengali books this year, and maybe if I have time, I may even read other foreign language books too (translated of course).

4. I am not a fan of the romance genre

While I do love shipping and have a long list of OTPs, I don’t really read romance novels. For some reason I have always found them to be rather slow and uneventful. That’s not to say I don’t like love stories, I just always like it better when romance is a subplot of a book from a different genre.

5. I multi-read when I pick up a book I have a hard time finishing

Normally I like to go through 1 book at a time but there are times when I find myself switching between 3 or four books at once. This happens when I am stuck reading a book I am not particularly motivated to finish.


6. I almost never DNF

You are probably wondering why, if I don’t like a book, I bother trying to finish instead of giving up on it. And well the above is the reason why. I feel guilty for DNF-ing books so I almost never do it; I feel like if I abandon a book before reaching that very last page I will be judged by the Imperial Book Gods and sent to Book Hell.

giphy (4)

7. I cannot eat and read

I envy all the bookworms who have their own preferred book snacks to munch on while they are reading. I can never eat while I read because I am bound to get food on the pages, and that there is bound to incur the wrath of the Book Gods.

8. Harry Potter is the only series I refuse to read

Mostly because I think it is the most overhyped books ever written. You can’t make me read it. Nope.


9. I mostly read e-books.

I am trying to change this habit because it’s a lot of stress on my eyes, but majority of the books I read are e-books because I come from a family of bookworms with more books than we have space for. I think we actually have more books than clothes. No joke.


10. I always read the entire acknowledgement section of books I like

Does anyone else do this? When I finish a really good book I always read the acknowledgements–somehow it makes me feel more connected to the author and makes him/her just a teeny…only a teeeny…bit less like a super-powered deity with the power to create magic with nothing but a pen and paper.


15 thoughts on “Ten Bookish Facts About Yours Truly

  1. selinn92 says:

    I have to bring up the Harry Potter thing first. Have you watched the movies? I want to be a Potter Pusher here. If you’re into magical, you should just try the first book, and if it doesn’t suit you, then that’s fair. (Which brings me to your DNF point.) I’ve still never DNFed a book yet, mostly because even if I’m not a huge fan, I want to add it to my list of books that I’ve read for the year. Gotta keep up with the Goodreads challenge! But if it’s not for me, I won’t continue with the series. That’s basically what I’m suggesting for HP. I’ve done that with a few series actually.
    A couple of years ago I started up with reading the acknowledgement section in books. I get the same feeling as you! Like I get closer to the person writing. I also think it’s fun when an author is friendly with another author that I know, so I look for that. And recently I’ve been looking out for agent names since I’ve started my querying journey.

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    • tanazmasaba says:

      I have watched the HP movies and I read the first book (huh…maybe I should add a correction in my post) but I just didn’t feel it. I am not saying it was bad, just that its a bit overhyped in my opinion. Sorry!

      And whoa you are already starting on query letters? That’s incredible 👏👏👏 I hope you find a wonderful agent who’ll make your story the next bestseller! What’s it about if you don’t mind me asking? And is it available online?


      • selinn92 says:

        Okay, I get it. Sometimes hype can dampen things and it just changes your mindset about things. That’s happened to me. Though for me, I get stubborn about things and am just like sticking my nose up at it.

        Thanks! I hope I can find an agent, too! It’s a Peter Pan retelling, YA of course ;). Most of the story is like a prequel to the original novel, but it goes on where Wendy comes into play, but things are very different. It’s not online because I’m super paranoid…

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  2. Lydia Tewkesbury says:

    I fear book hell to. All my reader friends think this is silly because of the amount of time I spend complaining about books I’ve hated. But I Just. Have. To. Finish! That is how I ended up reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, perhaps the most boring book ever written. The worst part is that someday I’m sure I will feel like I should reread it, because I’ll stop trusting my own opinion and tell myself that I should like it because so many other people do and it’s a classic, etc. But the fact is, it’s terrible.

    I wish I had read more YA classics. I recently read To Kill A Mockingbird and adored it. After that I told myself I was going to read more classics, but as with most bookish promises I make myself, I am yet to follow through.

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    • tanazmasaba says:

      I am going to start To Kill A Mockingbird this month as part of a BOTM in a book club I recently joined. I am glad to know you loved it–I am sure it’s another book I’ll fall in love with.

      Have you read Little Women? Or Anne of Green Gables? I would love to know your thoughts on them. Do link me to your Top Ten Tuesday post, I would love to read your bookish/bloggerish/personalish facts too!

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  3. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    It’s interesting that you read the ending first! Contrary to you, I don’t mind spoilers that much but I usually avoid endings because I like to keep things a bit unpredictable. Do you read whole chapters, whole paragraphs, just the last line, or what…? 😛

    Also believe it or not, #7 is a blessing. I am able to eat and read and it has resulted in me finishing whole packs of chips or snacks before. NOT GOOD.

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