August Resolutions

August Resolutions

I had the craziest realization today and it is this: if I had been blogging regularly the past few months, today would have marked my very first blogiversary.


Where did all that time go? How did all these months just fly by? All this time, blogging for me has always been less about statistics and more about passion. I love the freedom I have as a book blogger, and I love that the community is so kind and welcoming that even after I take nearly half a year long hiatus I still get to people coming over and reading my posts. This is something huge for me; when I began blogging last August I never really thought I would ever get more than a 100 followers on my blog, seeing as how I am rarely active. And yet, despite having only been blogging for little more than four months (I don’t count the months I have been on hiatus), here I am today, the very day when I published my very first post last year, with 700 followers.


So in order to show my gratitude and sincerity to all the lovely readers who have taken the time to visit my blog and read my posts, from this day onwards I make a resolution to be more active on the blogosphere, and give my readers more posts to look forward to. Because of college life, my schedule’s gonna be a bit different this time around, and I will only be posting reviews just once a week, but I promise to be more dedicated this time for all of you amazing people who have been here with me throughout the past few months.

Note, this isn’t a blogiversary (that will happen when I have actually been blogging for 12 months) but just a post thanking everyone who’s helped me come so far. No matter how long I am away, you guys always make me want to come back. Thanks so much for that lovelies!


6 thoughts on “August Resolutions

      • Lydia Tewkesbury says:

        Bittersweet is the right word for my college experience too. It did so much for me – some of it I’m only realising in hindsight – but also was very challenging. I miss it a lot. I am playing with the idea of going back, but I don’t know whether it’s financially impossible.

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  1. Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl says:

    Even though it’s not technically your blogiversary yet, I’m here to shower you with all the love. ❤ I wish you all the best with those bookish resolutions and more power to your blog. Don’t worry, once you adjust to your college life, it will get better. Cheers to your blog, Tanaz! 😊

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    • tanazmasaba says:

      Bianca! You are such a darling. Thanks so much. Adjusting to college is taking it’s sweet time but I am enjoying it. And I really hope that I can be more active despite all the craziness, book blogging means a lot to me especially because of you people!


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