A friend of mine just entered the blogosphere and since he’s an amazing writer, I thought I’d share one of his posts for you all. Do check it out guys!

Everything that Surfaces

Sometimes I have to put down what I have felt in words to better come to terms with it. If this qualifies as a journal entry, it is just that.

I took a short stroll yesterday through the graveyard in which my grandparents lie. The purpose in mind, as any reader will have figured, was to pay my respects(though not necessarily to grieve). The weather was pleasant- the feeble sunlight of a waning afternoon stretching my trailing shadow behind me like a slingshot being poised to release. I remember wondering then, if by dusk our shadows simply meld with our bodies and our darkest intentions surface as a result. Putting it in ink, it seems like quite a morbid thing to be thinking about in a graveyard, I suppose.

It was a long walk and the breeze that had set in, grew stronger. I also remember wishing I had…

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