August Recaps and September Resolutions

August Recap and september resolutions

New month, new beginnings. Reading about everybody’s August Recap made me take a trip down memory lane. August was a hectic month, where I had to do a lot of adjusting, and I am not simply talking about my blogging life. August was the month when I Continue reading

Once Upon A Time In Retellings

Once Upon A Time In Retellings

Growing up, most of us have heard our fair share of fairy tales about knights in shining armor, princesses locked up in towers and wise caterpillars who smoked pipes and gave words of advice to young girls lost in Wonderland. Somehow, these fairy tales have played a huge role in shaping our childhood and fueling our imagination and creativity. In case of avid readers such as myself, these fairytales had turned me into a bookworm and inspired me to maybe write my own story about magic and myth someday.


What I find really interesting is how these stories seem Continue reading

Reading Challenges


Despite having a Goodreads account for years, it wasn’t until I began blogging that I started becoming active on this wonderful, wonderful site for bookworms, which ultimately led me to discover the magic of reading challenges. Continue reading